Friday, March 30, 2007

After the gig w Ken Stringfellow

just a few words from internet forums after our gig w Ken Stringfellow...thanks folks for being great audience.

"...I wasn't really impressed with the first parto of the concert where Ken played solo (only Neil Young and Bob dylan can sound better solo than with the band)... but then Rebel Star turned back to the stage, and turned the evening upside down. To be honest, I was suspisious about how would Ken sound with a local band, I thought it was going to be just a "market stall" [Serbian idiom for an incompetent and soul-less gig just for money] ... but Rebel Star showed deep understanding of Ken/Posies work... and one could feel it in every note played that night... I suppose one of the drivers for that was also their need to prove themselves in front of their guru... I dont' know whether in Vojvodina they dont prqactice encores [the guy is from Belgrade :) ], but even without the encore, my heart was beating as strong as Attila's drum, and I couldn't take off the smile of my face ... In 2005 I was at the Posies concert, and if you ask me whether I would come again to the Posies concert or to the Ken/Rebel Star setup I would choose the latter, without a second of doubt...

...the first ever appearance of the international band Rebel Star [lists our names] ... Leaning their pop roots onto the tradition of the American continent, Rebel Star opened the concert with several hits-in-waitingthat undoubdetly need to be recorded/published, after which the star of the night [Ken] made a spontaneous solo introduction, after which the band together with their guru justified the expectations of die-hard Ken/Posies fans who came [from Belgrade] to see one of his only two full-band appearances within the whole
European tour.

After only a couple of virtual mutual reherasals over skype, where the loudest instrument was the PC keyboard, and only one real rehearsal just before the gig, tha "chemistry" between the musicians, could be felt in the air, driving Ken into emotional eruptions at several occasions, which we could otherwise observe only at Posies concerts.. The first Ken's comments upon leving the club were "It was so good that I could repeat everything right away... if I play at EXIT this year, the Rebel Star will shine with me..."

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

all rebels are stars

Just finished recording a new short song, acoustic.. called All Rebels Are Stars... check it out on

will add harmonica from our next live gig recording with my old friend from Popcycle Mr. Goran Obradovic, famous host of radio show Popism ( Check this out as well, you'll be amazed by what you didn't know about music.


Thursday, March 8, 2007

lots of fun...

we had lots of fun while reheasing for the show with Ken Stringfellow... figured out again how to use electric guitars :-) and we worked hard on sound for the gig, should be pretty good.

most amazing of all is that some great people are "surfacing" on the forums and we hear number of them are coming to see the show, that's great.

not willing to discover too much of the set list, but we'll be playing Dream All Day in serbian, hope Ken will learn back vocals by the time we go on stage.



Wednesday, March 7, 2007

RebelStar & Ken Stringfellow, 25th of March

RebelStar, Big Star, Posies, Ken Stringfellow - 25th of March

I'm happy to announce the gig in Becej, Serbia on 25th of March with Ken Stringfellow (Posies, Big Star, REM).

The set list will include RebelStar songs, Ken's solo material, Big Star and Posies.

We'll be backing Ken in various band combinations, so come and see...

Venue: Scena (Becej Theatre Club), March 25, 2007, 9PM

Dragi prijatelji,

Najavljujemo zajednicki koncert sa Ken Stringfellow-om u Beceju, 25. marta.

Sviracemo sopstveni materijal, a nakon toga sa Kenom neke od indie ikona njegove solo karijere, Big Star-a i Posies-a.

Pozorisni klub "Scena", Becej, 25. mart u 21:00.